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Anzac Day 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic and the significance of Anzac Day to the residents within the Balonne Shire we are encouraging our local residents to acknowledge the 25th April by placing a flag on their mailbox at 6am and play the Last Post on their phones/facebook or by listening to their local radio station.Our facebook page is a space where our community can share stories and photos to commemorate Anzac Day. Schools and community groups can upload poems that they would have personally recited at their normal Anzac Day address.

Care Balonne will be mailing a small Australian Flag to each resident within the Balonne Shire, with the Ode, the significance of the process and an invite to unite with all

Balonne Shire residents on 25th April. We are working in partnership with the St George RSL Sub-Branch and look forward to establishing a meaningful community event with all towns within the shire.

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